15+ Work Order Template Format Download [Doc PDF Excel]

Work order is a critical document meant to describe the work along with specifications, schedule, and payment terms. As a business, you may have to issue work orders not only for new works but also for maintenance and repair activities.

A work order adds value more than a purchase order and is used as a piece of evidence in legal processes. This post is for every business out there engaging contractors and wanting templates for the same.

Professional Work Order Format

1. Maintenance request work order PDF

Maintenance request work order template

A work order form template is much needed even for requesting maintenance to external service providers. This template includes placeholders to explain the work requested, assigned to, date of completion, work completed, charge to, and approval.

Perhaps, the work order format here allows scope for filling incomplete status so the service provider can be changed or partially paid. This is an effective way to track the progress and complete the entire cycle of work without having to shuffle between documents.

2. Maintenance work order XLS

Maintenance work order template excel

If you are looking for a professional work order form template for the maintenance of a device or upkeep of service, this is ideal for you. It has multiple sections neatly organized and gives a clear picture to the receiver.

If you take a closer look at this editable document, it has multiple fields to list terms of service, work location, work description, and labor and material costs. The best part about this template is that the service provider can quickly detail material and labor costs and also build a better rapport throughout the process. This comes in extremely handy.

However, make note of the tax rate as per your local market.

3. Service work order XLS

Service work order template

Similar to issuing work orders for products, here is a work order format ideal for services. It has nearly similar fields except that it obtains service descriptions, warranties, and exclusions.

Being an editable work order form template, you can also append more rows in Microsoft Excel and this gives a complete outlook solving the purpose of the order.

4. Automotive work order Template  XLS

Automotive work order

If you are an auto dealer or a technician, you may need this document. It contains necessary fields to make note of vehicle details and then kickstart the process. There are two sections in an automotive work order template and these include labor and spare part.

There are sections accepting the same. To start with, the job order template collects basic information such as vehicle identification number, make, model, motor #, odometer reading, license, and state.

The next section is to find out the type of service that needs to be done. It can be lubrication or oil change or wash or car polish or battery or flat maintenance or repair work. If you are offering services as a package, you can include the same in this section so the vehicle owner can suggest the package of choice.

The best part of this template is that it allows you to append a unique identifier associated with the part so that if the client has an issue tomorrow, the vehicle part can easily be traced.

5. Stop work template DOC

Stop work order template

The purpose of a work order does not stop with starting the service. It also includes the order needed to stop the work officially. This document gathers project information and a list of works that will have to be stopped along with the date of suspension.

There are two interesting elements associated with this job order. These include fields to make note of the person who issued the order and the one that acknowledged the order. This promotes transparent communication so that there is no mess at a later stage.

6. Repair work order XLS

repair order

Similar to service, maintenance, and stop-work orders, we have a repair order template. This focuses on the exact time when the repair has to happen along with the description of the work. It is a well-formatted document that lists information related to property entry notice, permission to enter space, description of work, labor cost, and material cost.

This template is in particular for a property. You can customize the same for other needs such as vehicle repairs or similar works.

Note – Before you use this template, you should also record the existing status of the property or the product to be repaired so that it is appropriately repaired without any fusses in the future. This kind of clarification also builds understanding of what is done and what needs to be done going forward.

7. Work order invoice XLS

work invoice

A work order can also be structured in the form of an invoice where you give a brief description of the work and accommodate unit prices along with the work element.

As it is a one-page template, details related to the work can be added in two different places – one under the job section and the other under special instruction within the box. If you would like to add further information related to the work, you can make use of the footer space and append terms and conditions.

8. Work order format DOC

work order format

Here is an order form that is highly appropriate for customer-centric jobs wanting logistics support. This is a much-needed template if your business is into e-commerce or sells products through different means and the salesperson makes note of the order delivery process each time using the form. This template is highly detailed and complete as well.

If you take a look at the template, you can notice fields for terms, salesperson, ship week of, order number, delivery mode, routing, quantity ordered, unit price, approver signature, and purchaser. As a seller, you may have to issue a copy to the buyer as well so the person maintains it and acknowledges the receipt when the ordered product reaches the individual.

9. Purchase order DOC

As mentioned earlier, a work order is not the same as a purchase order. If you are compelled to use only a purchase order for the business, you may have to go ahead with this format.

However, remember that you may have to add a few other rows such as work description, terms, and conditions associated with the order. The purchase order template has basic details such as shipped to, shipped from, and shipping information.

While it appears like a traditional invoice, this purchase order can be quickly converted into a work order with minimum modification.

Note – You can use one of the templates in this post to convert to a work order.

10. Purchase work order DOC

purchase order

Here is a template that combines purchase orders and work orders. It allows the customer to give detailed information such as from, to, the product ordered, delivery model, routing, and special instructions.

Remember that this template cannot be used to make note of the work assigned and any process associated with the completion of the work.

11. Work order request form DOC

In general, a work order request form is usually used almost every day in the maintenance department. While an organization handles numerous maintenance requests, it is essential to follow a format that allows them to make note of the work and complete it as per the desired specification.

This document is simpler to use and also improves the bookkeeping process by following a fixed request form format that collects specific information related to the work and the site.

Subsequently, the maintenance department executive makes note of what has been done and any overheads faced in the process. This is maintained with utmost confidentiality but then, this template is also commonly used by the quality assessment department to find out if the maintenance executive has adhered to quality standards in offering the requested service.

12. Garage repair order DOC

Garage repair order doc

The template above is exclusively meant to address work orders related to garage repairs. It is quite common to get your garage repaired for different reasons – plumbing, cleaning, electrical, and even other repairs.

In such cases, you have to ensure that the service provider provides you with the order form. Otherwise, you can directly print this form and get it filled. The services performed will help in tracking the progress and assessing the quality of the outcome.

13. Extra work order PDF

The benefit of using a work order lies in promoting transparency in every phase of the work. Whether the work is to be stopped or additional work is to be assigned, you can use a work order form where it presents the work description, additional work, additional cost and changes in the scope of the work, and authorization.

This approach keeps track of every little task being done to achieve the final vision associated with the project. The same template can also be used to change work specifications and get the concerned party authorized.

14. Service order PDF

Service order PDF

The service order form that you see here has four sections – contact information, computer model, service/repair, and agreement. Unlike other templates, this is for a peripheral servicing organization.

You can customize it based on the service you offer. But, remember that you may have to customize other elements and placeholders to fit the business requirement.

The best part about the template is that it gathers as much information as possible in just one paper so one doesn’t have to maintain multiple sheets. Right from the agreement to estimate to authorization, everything is done in one go.

15. New construction request form PDF

Before starting work, it is essential to inform the respective stakeholders and assign the project manager to handle every phase.

The aforementioned template turns out to look like a booklet with different sections covering the request. You need to use this template if you are associated with a long-term project or a highly complex one where the outcomes matter.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a work order form?

A work order form includes information related to services to be carried out and also billed. This sets the layout for invoices and long-term business relationships. The form is widely used in businesses in the service domain as they handle customers by organizing functions from related departments.

2. How to create a work order?

To create a work order, you may have to add several fields include company name, company address, work order unique identifier number, work order description, priority status, amount to be billed, labor cost, material cost, signature, and other authorizations needed.

The work order can also be created with the help of other applications like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF. As soon as you create the template, ensure that you maintain it in two formats – one for handwritten and one for editing online.

3. Is a work order the same as an invoice?

Obviously, not! A work order includes as much information about the work to get it processed while an invoice is more concerned about brief information of the work and payment detail. The invoice is usually issued to the buyer to collect payment for any sale that has happened while a work order is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the work.

4. What is the difference between a work order and a purchase order?

The work order is more concerned with tasks and labor. Contrarily, purchase orders are related to spare parts as well as items related to the work. This purchase order is also included as an additional document to the work order to complete the work.


Several service-based businesses do not use work orders and most of them have either underestimated or do not know to use them rightly. TO enhance the reputation of a business, using a work order is critical and it needs to align with different phases of the work thereby ensuring that other department executives are aware of the existing status. The different templates in this post can add extra value to the business and ease to bookkeeping and human resource management processes.

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