11+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Template Editable in 2022 [Excel PDF]

Vehicle is an asset to all of us and needs to be maintained extremely well to avoid overheads in the future. It is habitual for most of us to forget service dates and parts that need to be checked. That’s where a maintenance log comes into the picture and does the best for you.

The post has a range of templates containing vehicle maintenance logs that helps you to organize service routine without any hassle. Let’s dive right in to find out more.

Printable Vehicle Maintenance Log templates

1. Professional maintenance log XLS

vehicle maintenance log

Starting with a professional vehicle maintenance log templates for your vehicle helps in improving the quality and building up the routine right from the start. This is an editable template with column headers for date, maintenance description, service provider, and price.

As soon as you receive the service, you can enter the price. Otherwise, simply fill in dates and maintenance type needed. This improves your planning model. Sounds good? Start using it today.

2. Truck maintenance log XLS

Truck maintenance log

This is a template exclusively meant for truck owners as it enables the maintenance of trucks irrespective of the number of trucks owned.

The best part in these vehicle maintenance log templates is that you can simply print multiple copies for each truck you own and fill every section with respect to a particular truck.

Your bookkeeping process becomes easy with this truck maintenance log.

3. Vehicle log XLS

Vehicle Maintenance Log

It is a boring task to remember too much information about a vehicle when there is a solution already available outside. There are different sections of this template including date, mileage, description of work, serviced by, warranty, labor cost, material cost, and total.

On the header section, there is a dedicated space meant to update information related to the vehicle. In recent times, we own more than one vehicle at each home and a log like this helps in better management.

4. Vehicle maintenance schedule DOC

Vehicle maintenance schedule

If you are someone who prefers a weekly routine for maintaining your schedule, then this template can simplify your life. This is also an effective way to assess the mileage of your vehicle after each checkup.

There are sections for managing belts, hoses, tires, oil, water, and fluid levels. The rule of thumb to managing your vehicle better is to do these checks each week and you can see your vehicle having a long time with you without posing issues.

5. Drivers weekly log DOC

Drivers weekly log

Weekly maintenance logs for vehicles are much needed for drivers over individual owners because of high usage levels. Starting with vehicle information, drivers are encouraged to fill in critical details such as date, time, mileage, journey information, fuel, driver, and daily check assessment.

It is ideal to do these checks before starting the vehicle. This template acts as a stressbuster since it manages everything that a driver should do before and after using vehicles.

6. Preventive maintenance log XLS

Preventive maintenance log

The purpose of a preventive maintenance log is to prevent breakdowns and overheads of vehicles at unexpected times. There are certain aspects of every vehicle that will have to be serviced at appropriate times such as oil level, safety level, tire condition, battery status, and brake.

The template provides the added advantage of assessing the performance of your vehicle even after the service is done mainly to find out what helped and how it helped.

7. Car maintenance log XLS

Car maintenance log

Bought a car recently? You must have been given a service schedule booklet meant to plan to service the vehicle at different milestones. This is an editable template suggesting you parts and components that should be assessed at different times.

There are different sections included in this car maintenance log such as monthly, 5000 miles, 10,000 miles, 15,000 miles, 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 100,000 miles. As and when you reach specific milestones, the template notifies your servicing schedule. Isn’t that a great car maintenance log solution available to you free of cost?

8. Vehicle maintenance DOC

If you have recently purchased your vehicle, you might not know the list of things that should be checked at specific times. For instance, oil filters might have to be checked at specific durations while brakes can be checked as you attain 5000 miles and multiples.

The advantage of this auto maintenance log template is that it allows you to customize and add new rows based on the condition of your vehicle. This eliminates the need to use multiple templates to maintain your car.

9. Vehicle maintenance form DOC

Similar to other templates mentioned above, this auto maintenance log is extremely simple and easy to use. It contains columns meant for the date, odometer, repairs, serviced by, and invoice.

One template can do multiple works and you can retain the same one for a long period due to the sufficient number of rows. Being an editable template, you can add new columns or sections based on the need of your vehicle.

Note – Make it a habit to maintain multiple copies of the same form so you have a backup when you miss even one of them.

10. Vehicle condition report DOC

Vehicle condition report

What is the condition of your vehicle? Has your vehicle passed the health test? This template lets you evaluate it. Starting with general information, the condition report extends to multiple pages of servicing schedules and issues experienced over time. A monthly checklist is an important tool that you can use to upgrade the quality of a vehicle.

Note – A quick tip is to add a separate section for the weekly checklist in addition to the monthly checklist in the vehicle maintenance log.

11. Commercial motor vehicle maintenance DOC

commercial vehicle maintenance log

While the maintenance procedure is the same for individual and commercial vehicles, the frequency totally varies and there are more checkpoints to keep in mind. For example, the battery in a commercial vehicle gets dried up faster than that in an individual vehicle due to usage. Hence, if you are a fleet owner, you need to use this amazing vehicle maintenance log.

The benefit of using these vehicle maintenance log is that you can maintain vehicles and predict potential issues in advance with a simple sheet. This is pretty easier compared to any other form.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you record car maintenance?

In general, car maintenance is carried out with the help of documents provided by the service engineer. Every time you take your vehicle for service, you need to carry documents. A better way to do is to make use of a car maintenance log that makes note of minute variable associated with your car and all that you need to do is to scan the servicing copy and attach the same into the printable. That’s it. You need just one document (soft copy is okay too) and you are good to go.

2. Why should you use a vehicle maintenance log?

Here are the key reasons for you to use a vehicle maintenance log.

  • Develop a consistent routine to upgrade the health of your vehicle.
  • You can also stay aware of maintenance services being offered so you can plan going forward.
  • It helps in allocating budgets needed to service the vehicle and plan for repairs in advance.
  • It gets easier to bring a balance between how your vehicle is and what it needs at the moment.
  • It helps in comparing mileages achieved by the vehicle after getting serviced at different points.
  • Your vehicle becomes more productive and lively than usual.

We would rather call a log an asset to every vehicle owner irrespective of commercial or non-commercial vehicles owned by you.

vehicle Maintenance

3. How to create a vehicle servicing log?

The easiest way is to customize one of the vehicle maintenance log templates given above based on your need. Alternatively, you can use a range of platforms including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs to create one. The basic sections of a maintenance log include – battery status, oil status, mileage, basic odometer values, tire conditions, brakes, and other peripheral components.

If you are having a commercial vehicle, all that you need to do is to increase the frequency of getting it serviced. If you are using Microsoft Word for vehicle maintenance log, collect basic vehicle information in the first part. Create a table for different sections such as maintenance condition, serviced by, date, and amount. It is even better if you can include a weekly or daily checklist for your vehicle so you become cautious of the condition of your vehicle.

With a vehicle maintenance log spreadsheet, everything is structured in columns and you may have to input column headers to keep things simple. Remember that Microsoft applications do have in-built templates that can be explored as well if you want to create one for yourself.


Using a vehicle maintenance log for any asset adds more value and simplifies your life! Imagine you are en route to an important meeting and your vehicle halts abruptly. You do not know what happened to it. After a checkup, you understand that it has not received service at the right time. This practice is unhealthy to you and the vehicle as well.

Using templates listed in the post can do more good to you and the vehicle starting from today as it builds the ideal routine to lengthen the life of the vehicle! Also, before you go – check out these Hennessy Label Templates

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