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Every stock or share buyer should necessarily have a legal certificate of possession that proves the ownership and also guides during later stages of transactions. If you are a stockbroker or a company that has issued shares via an IPO, you need to recognize the significance of a stock certificate.

To become a trustworthy issuer of stock, include stock certificate issuance as a core process in your business. This post gives you access to an interesting range of certificate templates.

Printable Stock Certificate Templates

1. Traditional stock certificate DOC

Stock Certificate Template

In general, a stock certificate needs to have space holders for the owner’s name, the number of shares purchased, the price at which the share has been issued, the date, and the signature of the broker.

This editable certificate has everything that an issuer should provide to the buyer. If you are a business, you may have to append your logo on the header and then, you are good to go.

2. Basic stock certificate DOC

Basic Stock Certificate Template

Similar to the previous template, here is yet another basic format with no attractive colors and borders. This stock certificate format gives you the scope to customize any part of it since it is completely editable.

All you have in hand is a stock certificate and you can append your broker license number or company information or any terms and conditions associated with the transaction. These can add further credibility to the certificate.

3. Professional stock template DOC

Professional Stock Certificate Template

Some organizations that have been in the field of the stock market for a long would prefer a conventional outlook to the certificate. It does not have to be modern but the need is a professional layout that can instantly inform the heritage behind the firm.

This template perfectly suits people having the need. It has placeholders for name, number of shares, the value of each share, type of stock, company name, and two signatures. In adding your company name, you develop the reliability of your brand among buyers so that if they wanted to purchase further, they hold the determination to trust you again and extend the purchase.

4. Detailed stock certificate DOC

Detailed stock certificate

Professional stock buyers always prefer detailed certificates aligning with the transaction. If you are a company wanting to establish a loyal base of share buyers, this template is one that you can blindly use. It begins with the corporate information followed by the ownership transfer process.

There is also a section meant to receive acknowledgment in the presence of a witness. This simplifies the trading process and adds more value to stock purchases. Perhaps, your buyer might want to sell it later to you and you can use the same acknowledgment letter to find out the order information.

Isn’t it going to simplify your trade management process?

5. Two-sided stock template PDF

Two-sided stock certificate template

Here is yet another template that comes with the acknowledgment form and a crisp certificate. Not every buyer goes through every point in the text. Sometimes, they might want to quickly refer to the date of issue and value. The text on the left might save time and give access to know information instantly. Being a two-sided template, remember to add a signature and a seal.

Note – You can also stick a hologram in the certificate thereby enhancing your professionalism further.

6. Buy sell stock certificate DOC

A shareholder always has the right to sell or transfer the share at a time when there is a different need. If a company has issued shares to its employees or buyers, it has to issue the certificate as in the first part of this editable template.

The second part necessarily means the ability to sell and transfer and meanwhile, engage a broker to record the transfer.

Eventually, the customer and the firm might need only one certificate for the complete transaction. Doesn’t that add more flexibility to bookkeeping?

7. Shares certificate DOC

Shares certificate DOC

This is quite similar to other certificates mentioned above. However, there are a few ways to enhance the same further.

  • Instead of filling corporate name and incorporation date each time, you can directly get it printed.
  • It is ideal to maintain two copies of the same document so that even if one of them is missed, the backed-up copy helps.
  • You can list the terms and conditions associated with the transaction and sign it below.

8. Sealed stock certificate PDF

When it comes to stock certificates, there are specific color schemes that can and cannot be used. This template has a warm color scheme that contains basic transaction information and includes a placeholder to stick the seal or label.

This approach makes the certificate look authentic and unique compared to the rest.

9. Stock certificate sample XLS

Here is a sample stock certificate containing as much information as possible in the landscape structure. Sometimes, a lengthy document can be frustrating to maintain while a short-structured certificate can do the same job.

This template contains placeholders for certificate number, transfer date, number of shares purchased, date of purchase, owner, and signatures of various individuals involved. The other advantage is that the same document has information of seller and buyer.

10. Portrait share certificate PDF

This is a template structured in portrait model. This share certificate looks highly professional and the buyer can easily store with other A4 documents. The uniqueness of this template is the extra information collected from witness so it can add more value to the certificate and improve legal acceptance of the document.

There is a disclaimer in the footer indicating inappropriateness of the share transfer in the absence of this certificate.

11. Official share certificate DOC

While we have seen a wide range of templates, some documents continue to add extra value and become more complete. Perhaps, certain companies prefer giving detailed booklets comprising acts under which the stock has been assigned and the other terms and conditions to be abided by.

This basically looks like an asset purchase document. As it is an editable template, you can simply customize bylaws based on your state. However, ensure that you also take the approval from a notary before you circulate to receivers.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I print my own stock certificate?

You can use one of the templates listed in this post to print your own stock certificate. To start with, you have to print a blank stock certificate and then customize it based on the buyer. This works well even if you are selling a stock personally to another buyer. The advantage with this approach is that you can also affix the original document with the receipt of transfer and you are done.

NoteĀ If you are buying from someone, remember to get the original stock certificate. It needs to be a legally binding document at any cost.

2. Do stock certificates need to be notarized?

If you are an organization selling stocks, you need to discuss with the board regarding the involvement of a notary. Since it is not legally mandatory to get it notarized, you can still discuss and decide the need for notarized certificate.

3. How do I create a stock certificate?

While using template simplifies your work, you can use a range of applications including Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. To ensure that the format is right, you may have to refer to the original stock certificate. Microsoft Word is probably the easiest application to begin with as you may be using the same application day in and day out.

On the other hand, you can also get this certificate through a broker but there is a fee involved. You may have to sort it personally with the broker. In creating this certificate, you should also ensure that confidentiality is also maintained to the utmost level since it will be expected by the buyer as well.

4. Are there different types of stock certificates?

Perhaps, there are two common types of stock certificates. Registered stock certificate is one type that is acting as a proof of title and is being sent to the buyer along with the registration record. The bearer stock certificate is ideal to allocate legal rights to bearers.

If you are personally selling your stocks, you can simply send the registration record you own along with the transfer title. Individual certificates are also feasible provided you create it as per the right format.


Every stock buyer expects to receive the stock certificate in 24-48 hours from the time of purchase. If the company opens up an IPO, it is essential to quickly issue share certificates as early as possible. To achieve the same, you may have to keep a template readily available.

In using templates listed in this post, you save time and effort to create a new one. Remember to customize as per the need of your brand and you are good to start issuing without a second thought. Perhaps, your buyers would be happy to receive one as well.

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