7+ Roofing Estimate Template Download [Word PDF Doc]

Are you into the roofing business? You should make use of professional roofing estimate formats that can enhance your image and also organize transactions better.

In using roofing samples, it is feasible to use the internal calculator and instantly convert the client. This post gives a detailed walkthrough of the best way to make use of these estimate templates.

Printable roofing estimate templates

1. Roofing worksheet PDF

Roofing Estimate Template

This template presents an example of a roofing estimate with different variations. Being a PDF document, it gives the chance to edit it and simply alter the input to arrive at the estimate.

Based on your service, you can customize sections and attract the prospect. This is crisp and eliminates confusion.

2. Roof management cost PDF

Roof management includes a host of specifications and directly impacts the valuation of a house. There are different column headers meant for managing the roof. These include evaluation year, owner maintenance cost, owner repair cost, owner capital cost, and inflation-adjusted costs.

The best part about this free roofing estimate template is that when you list the basic costs involved, it directly calculates the price during the inflation period. This simplifies your job and allows the customer to quickly make a decision towards the roofing.

3. Construction and remodeling estimate PDF

Roofing Estimate Template

Roofing pretty much includes construction and remodeling as well. There are different sections to take into consideration whether you construct or remodel the structure. Further, it is essential to know if roofing needs to be done to the entire place or only a part.

By appending your logo in the header region, your roofing estimate gets extra professional in a jiffy. If there are any disclaimers associated with the deal, you may have to append the same at the end of the estimate or in the footer region of this free roofing estimate template.

4. Panel roofing template PDF

Panel roofing estimate template

Here is yet another editable free roofing estimate template that needs basic customization related to your brand. Perhaps, you are free to alter the variables that you measure under the list of specifications. Some of the sections in this template are panels, trim, chimneys, roof pipes, and other protrusions.

It is always a good idea, to begin with, this material list and then present an estimate to the client as it justifies your estimate and develops credibility about your service to the customer.

5. Roof estimate checklist PDF

If you are new to using a roof estimate for your business, you may have to blindly use this template. It is a roof estimate checklist allowing you to fill in basic client information, structural drawing of the roof, additional dimensions, and any other information relevant to the job.

With the existing template, you can take different views of the roof and note down the measurement. This is quite easy for you as it quickens the chance of getting a prospect converted.

6. Roofing quote DOC

Roofing quote estimation

If you prefer giving a clear roof estimate to the client with no additional notes for yourself, this estimate template is a clutter-free option. It follows an invoice model where you enter the date, company information, client information, job, payment terms, and net price involved to complete the job.

Remember to add any disclaimers at the end. If you take a closer look at this template, you can see that there is an expiry date for this estimate. As a result, the same client cannot return to you asking for the same quote after a year. This helps in meeting the inflation rate as well. It also improves the quality of your service.

7. Roofing installation proposal PDF

Roofing installation proposal

If you are dealing with a commercial establishment that needs roofing services, you cannot simply go ahead with a roofing estimate sheet. Instead, you may need a roofing installation proposal that covers complete information related to the project.

The roof estimate template begins with a work description, potential issues, schedule, contractors involved, and conditions to be addressed by both parties. This is a basic template that does not need much of your intervention. It needs basic customization based on the roofing contract background.

These templates can add great value to your job as a roofing contractor.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does a roofing estimate include the chance for negotiation?

A roofing estimate does not always have to be in a specific format. You can customize it as per the project you are about to kickstart.

When you are looking forward to adding a feature for negotiation, you may have to append the draft number or the decision made in the first round. You can also add a disclaimer stating that the amount can vary after the specific round of negotiation. This approach helps in adding options for negotiation.

2. What should be included in a roofing estimate?

There are various components in a roofing estimate templates that you should add without fail. These are as follows.

  • Work description – This needs to include in-depth information on the roofing work to be done at the client site.
  • Guarantees – These should include confirmations and deliverables from the roofing project.
  • Schedule – This needs to be added without fail as scheduling promotes transparency and gives a clear picture to the client on when the project deliverable can be obtained.
  • Costs and payment information – This section includes charges, exceptions, alterations/negotiations, and payment terms and conditions. Giving a transparent statement related to payment terms will help in avoiding overheads in roofing estimates.

3. What are the different types of roofing estimates?

Roofing estimates are meant for individual and commercial establishments. Some of the estimates you can probably search for your project are residential roofing, roof repairing, commercial roofing, and slate roofing installation.

When it comes to documents you should possess for roofing services, you need to have a roofing work order, roofing repair order, roofing update order, roofing proposal, and invoice documents.

4. How to create a roofing estimate form?

There are several applications available to create a roofing estimate form. The easiest is to download one of the templates listed in this post and customize the same based on the project background. The other applications include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Microsoft applications have inbuilt roofing estimate templates that can be downloaded and altered. Alternatively, you can also create columns for customer information and then create a table containing components of work, price, and due date. Subsequent to this table, you can append terms and conditions. This follows the format of an invoice but remains more appropriate to the roofing project. If you are creating a proposal, you should probably use the templates instead of creating one from the scratch.


As a roofing service provider, it is critical to invest as much effort as possible towards converting the prospect into a client, and using roofing estimate templates would make the difference. Remember to carry all roofing estimate documents along with you because you may never know if you are likely to start the work immediately or just issue the invoice.

When it comes to payment, pay extra attention to local laws since it is treated as legal evidence if the work is not completed effectively.

Happy roofing!

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