13+ Purchase Order Template Download [Word, PDF, Excel]

Before we get to download the Purchase Order templates, let us understand what a PO is. A Purchase Order is an official document that is issued by an organization that is looking to buy products from a vendor.

Please note that a purchase order is not the final order placement. The Purchase Order can be modified since information like pricing, discounting, product count, etc can be changed at any point in time.

13+ Purchase Order Templates

Here are some of the most useful Purchase Order templates curated for your use.

1. General Purchase Order Template – Excel

General Purchase Order Template

First up, we have a basic purchase order that carries a very generic design. The document has been developed with Microsoft Excel and that means that you can edit it as per your organizational requirements. There are two sheets in this document – one is a blank template and another one that is filled so that you can see how it works.

After downloading, you can either send these through email or print them out for use similar to a Photography Contract Template. Check the margins before you print and you can also include your company name and logo in the template. Once your edits are done, the format is ready to be used.

2. Designer Purchase Order – Excel

Designer Purchase Order

Moving on from the basic purchase order provided earlier, you can use this template which is a designer version. Complete with elegant colors and sections for different pieces of information, this purchase order template provides all the important information placeholders and comes in a professional design.

If you don’t like the looks of it, you can make changes as this is a Microsoft Excel template as well. Once you make your changes, adjust the margins and print it out if you like to create a purchase order.

3. Single Page Purchase Order Template – Excel

Single Page Purchase Order

This is a one-page purchase order form that is great for small organizations or for simple orders that don’t have a lot of products in them. On the top section, you will find a section to include your company name, address, contact details along with the purchase order number, date, and Vendor ID.

Below that is the from and to the shipping address that is required for the delivery of the products. Under that, you will find a table to enter the product details including the item description, payment terms, timelines for delivery, number of units, unit price, and the total value of the purchase orders.

4. Blanket Purchase Order Template – Excel

A blanket purchase order is when a buyer requires multiple products to be delivered across a certain period of time. This is often done to take advantage of changing price structures. For such instances, you will need a blanket purchase order form and this template is an excellent one to use.

Once you open the document, you will see that you will need to enter details about the part number, estimated quantities, unit prices, releases, and a purchase commitment. Other details are similar to a normal purchase order.

5. Corporate Purchase Order Template – Excel

Corporates need to have their own purchase order formats which differentiate them from others and also provides for their own corporate branding to be reflected through the document. Corporate branding includes the use of certain fonts, colors, logos, and document styles.

Attached above is an example of a corporate purchase order template. Once you download it, you can convert this to include your own corporate branding elements.

6. Simple Purchase Order Form – Word

This template is quite different from the ones attached earlier in the sense that this is prepared with Microsoft Word. If you are looking to print out your purchase orders to fill and send, then making it in a Word document is good for formatting and printing. This is a simple yet functional format and can be edited for your requirements.

In this free purchase order template, you will find placeholders for the company details order, purchase name, recipient name, PO details, and then the information about order quantities, unit prices, description, and then the final PO value.

7. Professional Purchase Order – Word

One look at this template, and you know that it has been designed by a professional. What people like about this business template is its neat, minimalistic design along with the placeholder for the company name and logo on top. This can be changed and you can attach your company details in the top section.

Once that is done, start entering information about the business purchase order in the table and your PO format is good to go. The document is print-optimized as well.

8. Green Theme Purchase Order Template – Word

Looks great right! Well, this is the reason why this business template is one of our most downloaded documents. Simple layout, professionally designed, and ease of use are some of the reasons why you would like to use this purchase order form. Made with Microsoft Word, this template is editable and free to use.

All the sections have been marked clearly with green border fills and below them, you can enter information about the purchase order. No need to set margins as this document is already optimized for printing. Just use a good color printer.

9. Tabulized Purchase Order – PDF

If you are looking for a basic purchase order that is ready to be used then you might find this one suitable. This is a format that big IT companies use so it’s tried and tested for corporate use. You will be able to copy the contents of this template and put it in a Word document.

Once that is done, you need to just edit out the company details and put in your own information The footer information will also need to be edited. After the changes are made, the PO document is ready to use for business.

10. IT Purchase Order Form – PDF


IT companies that deal with software and hardware products often deploy the use of their own type of purchase order templates that are suitable to their line of business. This particular purchase order comes from one of the largest IT companies in the world.

Since this document is not editable, you can copy the content and put it in a Microsoft Word document. Then change the company name, logo, and other details that need to be edited out.

11. Purchase Order Template with Formulas – Excel

To reduce the amount of work you put into a purchase order, you can automate certain information by putting in formulas. So,  final amounts for the total number of units, and prices can be made easy if you put calculations in the excel sheet. This purchase order comes with these calculations, helping you save a lot of time.

You can also reduce errors by putting in formulas for buyer and seller. If there are a lot of manual entries to be done in a document, the scope for errors also increases. Formulas help you reduce such manual errors.

12. Basic Purchase Order Template for SMB/Individuals – Excel

Individuals like freelancers, consultants, etc., and small organizations do not require complex purchase order templates as their needs are very simple. In the above template, you will notice that there are very few fields that you need to fill in and that the form looks very basic in nature.

Developed with Microsoft Excel, this purchase order template is free to use and completely editable. You can keep adding more rows for items and columns if you have the requirement.

13. Purchase Order Tracking Template – Excel

Organizations that send or receive hundreds of Purchase Orders struggle to maintain a record of them. So how would you do it? Well, for the last template in this article, we have provided you with a purchase order tracking template for both buyer and seller. You can enter all PO details here and start tracking them effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do purchase orders have an expiry date?

 Yes, you can mention an expiry date after which the Purchase Order will be invalid. Usually, this is set at either 15 days or 30 days depending on your industry.

2. Is a PO the same as an Invoice?

No, a Purchase order is an expression of interest whereas the invoice is generated after the sale is made. A Sales invoice will come after the purchase order has been approved and the sale is done.

3. Can a purchase order be canceled?

Yes. At any given point in time, the client or the vendor has the right to cancel the purchase order.


Purchase Orders aren’t just tools to place orders with your vendors. They also help an organization with tracking and analysis. Some of the key components of every purchase order are the purchase order numbers, vendor details, order details, company information, payment terms, and the terms and conditions of the sale.

You don’t have to worry about these since our collection of free purchase order templates already includes all the necessary information. All you have to do is download the template and start using them. Hope you liked our collection. Also, before you go check out these Blank check templates for free!

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