12+ Prescription Template Free Download [Word, PDF, Doc]

Health practitioners often need to dispense drugs to their patients to treat the various illnesses that afflict them. If you are a health practitioner and need prescription forms to write your prescriptions on, we got you covered with our templates.

Let’s have a look at the templates you can use.

Professional Prescription Templates

1. Hospital Prescription Template

This template would work best for a medical practitioner that works for a specific hospital. It has a specific letterhead and adds a place for you to add the logo.

Unlike most other templates you will see on our list, it has a blank format. That means the doctor will usually scribble the prescription in the space at the middle of the page rather than follow a specific format.

2. Blank Hospital Prescription Template

Prescriptions don’t have to be complex documents. As long as it is a licensed health practitioner who writes them, then they could even be on a piece of paper. This one here only provides a space for the doctor to write the patient’s prescription.

It contains the basic information that should be in a prescription, from the patient’s name to the age and sex. At the bottom, it should have a signature or stamp to make it valid.

3. Dentist Prescription Template

Prescriptions don’t have to be all about drugs. They can also be an action such as a visit to the doctor. This dentist’s prescription template ensures you take your baby to the dentist when the time comes.

It has a simple design with the description telling you precisely what you need to do.

4. Specialist Doctor Prescription Template

Often people need specialist doctors for some medical problems. For instance, if you have an issue with your skin, you wouldn’t visit a general health practitioner since they might not help you much.

This template is ideal for a specialist doctor who wants to prescribe some drugs for their patient. If you are a specialist doctor looking to make prescriptions, then this template should be a great help.

5. Medical Prescription Template

This is a more detailed prescription template with all the details available for a pharmacist to see. It follows the precise approach that should explain everything the patient is suffering from and the drugs they need.

That is beside the patient’s information. However, what makes it valid is the doctor’s signature. If you want to go the overly formal way, you can use this template. The simple design conveys a serious approach to the prescription.

6. Personal Medicine Prescription Template

This one follows the other template’s footsteps and contains a set format that makes it orderly. Anyone looking at it wouldn’t struggle to note the information listed here.

It has that official look you’d expect from any health center and wouldn’t pass for a poor imitation. Of course, it needs to have the doctor’s signature to make it valid. You don’t want a patient to be turned away for that.

7. Standard Prescription Template

The other templates require you only to fill in the information. This one, however, will need you to draft the template yourself. It only gives you the format in which to write the prescription.

This is a handy template if you want to draft your prescription yourself. You, however, will need to have a preset form with the proper letterheads onto which to write the prescription.

8. Medical Prescription Template

Prescriptions, although somber forms, also need to be a bit stylish. This template is an apt example. The format is orderly and adds a bright green color that makes it easy on the eye.

9. Pediatric Doctor Prescription Template

Children in their early stages of life need exemplary medical care to grow up fine. That’s they some doctors are specifically trained to treat children. If you are a pediatric doctor, then this template will come in handy.

You can, however, edit it to include anything else you need. Although it seems a good fit for a podiatrist, you can edit it and add any other details you’d want if you aren’t a pediatric doctor.

The important thing is to remember that it is a prescription that you are giving. Your signature will make it genuine and easy to believe by pharmacists.

10. General Prescription Template

A general prescription template means you can use it to prescribe virtually any drug. That’s because you aren’t restricted in any way by the form to include only a specific medication type.

A general practitioner with many different types of prescriptions to write would find this template quite helpful. The prescription lists the dosage and time when a patient should take their medicine.

Besides that, it also has the other details you’d find on any prescription, such as the patient’s names and the health practitioner’s signature.

11. Medication Prescription Template

Sometimes the simplest way to go about writing a prescription is to have it on a table-like form. With each section, you know what to add to make the medication instructions understandable and easy for the patient to read.

This template would come in handy when dispensing prescription drugs. Prescription drugs require a doctor’s approval in a prescription for someone to get them over the counter.

Therefore, it needs to show the prescription drug plan to ensure the person isn’t buying them for nefarious reasons.

12. Medicated Cream Prescription Template

With the advancement of medicine and scientific technology, we have seen an improvement in treatment. Nowadays, not all drugs have to be swallowed since some can apply them like a lotion.

Medicated cream medicines also require prescriptions before you can buy them. They work to treat various illnesses ranging from skin ailments to sprained ankles. This template is one such prescription for a patient that needs several medicated creams.

It lists the different categories of creams the patient should be used according to the doctor.

What Details are Required on a Prescription?

Prescriptions, being a medical domain, need several details to ensure they serve their purpose. The details make them believable and easy for pharmacists to prove they indeed are from a doctor.

Here are the primary details you would need to add to a prescription.

  • Health Practitioners Details (name, hospital, contact)
  • Patients’ details (name, contact)
  • Ailment and Reason for Prescription
  • The dosage
  • The prescription dates
  • Doctors’ signature

The doctor’s signature must always be there to make the prescription valid. Although extra information might be on most prescriptions, the one above is the most important.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to create a fake prescription?

It is illegal to create a fake prescription. Only a licensed heathy practitioner should write a template. That’s why you will always see a signature or stamp on the prescription to make it valid.

2. Why are prescriptions necessary?

Prescriptions help to curb people buying drugs for other ideas rather than health reasons. Certain drugs are prone to abuse and would require a prescription from a doctor to buy them.

Not all drugs are safe for buying over the counter.

Final Thoughts

Looking to prescribe some medicine but don’t have prescription forms? The Prescription templates should make that easier for you. Download, customize them, and prescribe drugs to your patients.

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