9+ Photography Contract Template Download [Word, PDF, Excel]

If you are in the photography business, chances are that you know or must have heard of photography contracts. Such contracts are written agreements between a photographer and the person who has hired them to photograph an event.

Now, if you are a photographer, you must have a contract for your clients to sign. And that’s where our free photography contract templates come in. Read on to see the best contract templates you can get.

Free Photography Contract Templates

1. General Photography Template

Photography Contract Template

If you offer a variety of photography services, then this template is good for you. It has all you need to ensure the agreement is legally binding. Also, the services you offer are listed in the details, making it a good contract for photographers.

Another thing we loved is that it doesn’t bog you down with too many details, thanks to the short-form format similar to this Purchase Order Template. It doesn’t classify what type of photography you are offering, making it ideal for general photographers.

2. Wedding Photography Contract

Wedding Photography Contract Template

Are you a photographer who mainly deals with wedding photography? This contract will make your work easier for you. It includes everything from the time of the wedding to the number of guests the photographer should expect to deal with.

It is a good idea to cushion yourself if you are a photographer instead of relying on word-of-mouth agreements. The slot for the full payment and signature means there’s little chance that you might get conned by dubious clients.

3. General Photography Contract

General Photography Contract

General photographers usually don’t have a specific type of photography they involve themselves in. Such photographers are what you’d call jacks of all trades.

Any event that needs photos applies to them such as a graduation event (for which you may want to try our diploma template). Therefore, such photographers need only a general contract for which to agree with clients. This photography contract is it.

4. Event Photography Services Contract

Event photography contracts

If you cover an event for a client, this free contract will enable you to iron out all the issues before starting. Its main strength is that it offers lots of information to ensure you start on an equal footing with your client similar to this printable blank check.

Download it, customize it with your company’s logos or names, and fill in the agreement’s details. With that, you will have the protection of a contract in each of your photography endeavors. The part where you have to include the date will also help you plan better when offering your services.

5. Pet Photography

Pet photography contracts

Weddings are one of the most popular places you are likely to find photographers. That’s because they are usually memorable, and people want to record the moments so that they can relive them later on.

This contract will come in handy if you plan to shoot a film or offer photography services at a wedding. It keeps everything official and will help you get to an agreement faster.

Like any other free wedding contract, it has slots for the wedding venue and the names of the groom and bride.

6. Event Photography Contract

If you are a photographer who loves covering events, we have a contract that would fit you. This is the ideal contract for any photographer who fancies themselves an events photographer. Such photographers cover all kinds of events, from birthdays and weddings to the occasional family get-together.

After downloading, all you have to do is look over the terms and add to those you are comfortable with. The client and photographer contacts will ensure you transparently do everything from the onset.

7. Photography Services Contract Template

If you are starting out in photography, you need to know that contracts are quite important. If you are to make money from your photography skills, you will need to charge people for your services.

It will make it easier to draw up the charges and reach a conclusion with potential clients. This will be an easy pick for a newbie photographer since it doesn’t need many details.

Giving this to the client will enable you to close the legal deal quicker. It also communicates how seriously you take your profession.

8. Wedding Photography Agreement

Another wedding contract. This one keeps things simple by including the charges for each of the legal services offered. Besides the bride and groom’s name, it also lists the venue and date of the wedding for the photographer to prepare in advance.

If you deal mostly with weddings, then it could be an excellent choice for a photography contract.

9. Photography Contract Template

This one offers a photographer a legally binding contract that ensures they can provide their services with the required confidence. Unlike other legal templates, this one doesn’t have too many details and keeps it simple.

A client wouldn’t struggle to read and understand it. The terms are at the bottom and are legally binding and clear for all the parties to see.

10. Photography Contract Templates

In making a name for yourself, there are times you might have to volunteer your services. A volunteer contract would help you in that regard when protecting yourself from any eventualities while volunteering.

If you plan to volunteer your services somewhere, consider using this contract to draw up a contract.

Why Do Photographers Need Contracts?

There are so many benefits of having a contract as a photographer. The first thing you need to know is that an agreement will protect you from unscrupulous clients that might be out to fleece you. That’s because contracts are usually legally binding. They aren’t as vague as agreements, which might not even be on paper. Therefore, if you are serious about your photography business, you should consider using contracts when working.

Second, contracts help to inspire client confidence. A photographer that offers a contract is ultimately more professional than those who don’t. It also means you won’t fail your clients because you are legally bound to offer them your services once you sign on the dotted line.

Another reason you need a contract when offering photography services is that it helps sort out any miscellaneous issues. There are things that you might not have spoken about at length with the client. Such issues might include attorney fees or laws that might dictate the relationship.

You need a contract because it is against the law to offer photography services without one. That might serve as the most important reason for you to get a contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How vital are contracts in photography?

Contracts will help you clear any communication hurdles you might face with your clients. Besides that, by law, you are always required to have contracts for all your photography clients. That’s how important contracts are in photography.

2. What should I include in a photography contract?

You can include everything that you deem essential. However, fundamental things include fees, the terms of service, your name, the clients, and any other item required by law.

Final Thoughts

Any aspiring photographer will know that they need to draw up contracts each time they offer their services. That’s why the photography contract templates will really come in handy.

Download them and cushion yourself from the vagaries of the law and unscrupulous clients.

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