17+ High School Diploma Template EDITABLE [DOC, PDF, Word]

All of us cherish our high school diploma certificates as they add more value to our careers and lives as well. There may be times when you lose access to those certificates but know the content in them.

That is when you need to make use of high school diploma templates. Let’s dive in!

Printable high school diploma templates

1. Basic high school diploma DOC

high school diploma template

If you have graduated a few decades ago, your certificate will probably include the traditional, old English font. This template includes appropriate placeholders to fill in your name, school name and date of graduation.

If you are probably getting back to work after a long time and do not have access to your old or torn certificates, this template is ideal and comes with an editable Word document like this Fillable blank check template word to simplify your job of creating a certificate.

2. Temporary diploma certificate DOC

diploma template

There are different sections where students can score diplomas. You can use this template and highlight the specialization in the first line or fill it as such. The phrase “successfully completing the requirements in the course” throws more credibility to your certificate.

Remember to verify the dean and president who have functioned during your period as your certificate needs to ensure factual accuracy as well.

3. High school diploma with border DOC

High school diploma template with border

Old English font is evergreen in certificates. This template includes a well-aligned border in blue and appropriate sentences that you can fill on the go. The main reason to use this template is the hologram on the right bottom.

This is unique to every certificate. The only point that you ensure when you take a hard copy is the imprint left by the hologram on the other side of the certificate. To add further credibility, you can add the logo of your high school.

4. Framed high school diploma DOC

High school diploma template

Whether or not we pursue higher studies, a high school diploma certificate always lays down the foundation. The aforementioned template includes a wooden frame on four sides making it look extra attractive and professional.

If you have access to the hologram of your college, nothing like it! Simply stick it on the top and hang it at your home or office. Alternatively, you can circulate the soft copy of the same pattern to your hiring managers.

5. University diploma template DOC

Here is yet another university diploma certificate that can be used instantly without a second thought. It has a professional font, a hologram, and a placeholder for the signature of the chairman. The key to improving the quality of this template is to differentiate the color of name, degree, city, and state.

Note Remember not to fake the signature at any instance as this can lower your credibility. Instead, you can add the name of the concerned authority.

6. Modern high school template DOC

If you have recently completed your diploma, this is the high school diploma template you should edit. It is modern and makes use of an excellent color scheme that can instantly click and capture the attention of the reader.

Even if you want to redesign the high school certificate, this is a great option to try out immediately.

7. Certificate of completion DOC

Sometimes, a certificate of completion is more than enough instead of a diploma certificate. This is due to the point that the receiver knows that you have achieved the necessary high school eligibility criteria and are completely fit for the new position or degree. Even in several startups, a certificate of completion is sufficient.

In using this high school template, remember to adjust the color scheme based on the one followed by your high school.

8. Traditional high school template DOC

high school diploma template

Bored of too many colors that grab your attention? Want the certificate to remain light and conventional? This is the template that has a conventional design and minimal text. All that you need to do is edit appropriate positions. Maybe, you can append the logo of the high school or its address based on the need.

Note Address is commonly added when there are high schools with similar names in the vicinity. This can eliminate confusion in the diploma process.

9. Creative diploma template DOC

Did we also tell you that we have a template that works well for the graduation of kids?

Here is one free template that adopts a creative format and includes balloons and other icons that set up the festive mood. Most importantly, it remains unique among all the other high school certificates.

10. Detailed diploma template DOC

high school diplomas

Some high schools prefer issuing a detailed diploma certificate with several identifiers including learner reference number, strand, track, department, region, and division.

If you prefer using a similar certificate, you can adapt the same diploma format. However, remember to give it a border and fill all placeholders. If you do not know a specific high school detail, you can skip it but never leave it blank.

11. Warm certificate of completion DOC

Who doesn’t want a high school diplomas that can look strikingly professional and also elegant? This is the free template that you can use with minimum alteration.

Being a basic template, you should include the course that has been completed and the date of completion. This is by far the easiest diploma template that you can start using.

12. Bright certificate of completion DOC

printable high school with name of the student

Are you the one who prefers a template with the basic design so you will take it forward from there? Then, click that “free download” button and you are good to go.

There is a dummy text that you can replace with various options like course details or grades or remarks about your performance. The other advantage of the template is that when you alter the color scheme, it changes entirely.

13. Catchy template for certification DOC

Using the aforementioned free template can save you a lot of time. You would have completed a certification in a specific technology which can account for a part of your diploma. It is natural to have missed access to the certificate. This document is designed exclusively to present a design that works for certification and allows space for more details to be added.

Let us say you have completed a short-term course that will aid you in completing a diploma in nursing. In using this template, you get the advantage of appending the program information and sign at the end. Perhaps, you do not need the signature of the organizer unless and until you have added a placeholder for the same.

14. Customizable high school diploma DOC

Has your kid completed a diploma as per the homeschooling method? You may have to create a printable for your daughter or son as well. The above includes a basic design with curvy text on the top to grab attention. The interesting aspect of this is that you can customize the entire text as well if you do not like it.

However, if your child is homeschooling, you should mention the affiliation of the homeschool so it gains reliability.

15. Royal diploma template DOC

This is one that is similar to the modern design mentioned in this post. Some colors attribute to royalty and can add more professionalism.

The combination of black and gold can attract the reader and also deliver the concerned text without any misses.

16. Bordered diploma certificate DOC

Gone were the days when diploma certificates looked like the one above. It is minimal in terms of art, color, and overall structure. Nevertheless, it is complete as well. You can do a basic tweak by adding the logo of your high school or university.

17. Minimal high school diploma DOC

Black and white certificates are common but grey and black are even common. All that you need to do is to add the program name followed by the completion date. At the footer space, you have options for signatures – dean and president. Alternatively, you can change the color code.

Frequently asked questions

Do fake high school diplomas really work?

Obviously, not! You cannot duplicate a diploma certificate. The purpose of these templates is to help you at that moment when you are approaching a hiring manager or a college administrator. However, do not use it for long since the agencies tend to conduct background checks.

Remember not to fake any certificate. It can force you to face illegal consequences. Further, you can also be barred from appearing at any opportunity further. It can create a black mark and affect your career.

What font is used for diplomas?

There are certainly classic fonts that are widely used in certificates those days and these include Caslon, Old school, Garamond, and Baskerville. Alternatively, you can also explore other font styles such as Optima, sans serif, and Avant-Garde.

If at all you are editing one of the templates mentioned above, remember to use these font styles. These ensure clarity and printability as well. Did we also tell you that there is a “diploma” font that follows the Gothic style and is seen commonly in diploma certificates?

Is class 12 a high school diploma?

It differs from one educational association to the other. If you are getting educated in America, the American high school diploma has the same value as grade 12. As soon as it is completed, the applicant can appear for colleges.

Whether you are homeschooling or pursuing a degree in a university, you should always refer to the local board to cross-verify the value of the course. There are differences in boards between states as well. So, remain extra careful. If you are less confident about the content of the certificate, include a disclaimer or a supporting letter informing the recipient about the possibility of a fault.

How can I make my own high school diploma?

Making a high school diploma on your own involves five steps.

  • Choose a platform to create the layout of the printable. In general, software applications like Photoshop are used to prepare a preliminary design with suitable font and margin. You need to get this step right. Otherwise, a perfectly designed certificate can lack printability if this step has a hassle.
  • Create a rough draft of the content with placeholders. Always create a rough draft and refer to several templates in this post. This approach gives you the chance to avoid any mistakes and give the perfect outlook with content for the printable.
  • Add the text. This typically includes the course you have completed, date of completion, stream, your name, and placeholders for signature(s).
  • The next step is cross-verification. This is extremely crucial to ensure that there is no mistake in terms of alignment or border or text or signature.

In making your high school diploma certificate, you should use parchment paper that is strong enough and gives more credibility.

  • Do not use too many graphical fonts and icons in the certificate. It can question professionalism.
  • Use the same ink and probably, change the color only when needed. Otherwise, get it printed appropriately. Always do a preliminary check before you finalize the font and the ink.
  • Use a hologram as well as seal only when you are very confident about it. If you replicate, you need to ensure authority in it. Else, the purpose of the certificate is not achieved.

All of these are basic ways to ensure that you design the perfect high school diploma certificate that you can use to progress in terms of career or in life.


Holding a diploma certificate is always a symbol of pride. When you create a printable  to use for yourself or friends or school, you need to use the best design and remain cautious of various aspects that can influence the authority and quality of the outcome.

Various templates in this post can save your effort and time. They are ready to print and are highly professional. If you would like to quickly prepare certificates, choosing one of these templates and customizing it as per your need would be a better idea. However, remember to stay unique so it adds further pride!

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