5+ Hennessy Label Templates EDITABLE Download!

Live life king size goes the saying. Perhaps, you can celebrate your special day king-size with Hennessy labels. Hennessy is a renowned cognac brand that dominates over 40% of the market. Including Hennessy label in your gift or any other materials related to the special day gives a special and rich feeling.

The purpose of this post is to list a range of Hennessy label templates along with an overview of its look and feel so you can plan the use immediately. Most importantly, the templates can overload you with creativity.

Printable Hennessy label templates

1. Royal blue Hennessy label PSD

Royal blue Hennessy label Template

The advantage of using this type of template is that you only need to edit the text and you can directly print to stick it on the bottle. Being an editable template, this color scheme makes your label look unique among other gifts and can make the receiver feel extra special for your extra effort.

2. Classy Hennessy label PSD

Classy Hennessy label

The original Hennessy label looks like the one in the bottle. If your kith or kin is a fan of this brand, you should definitely go ahead with the Hennessy label containing the person’s name and note of the special day.

In giving you access to the original template, you get the opportunity to apply your creative minds to it to celebrate the special day. Being a PSD editable template, the label can be further customized to give it a vibrant yet classy look.

3. Standard Hennessy template JPG

Hennessy label template editable

How does the Hennessy label work? Did you know that it can completely fit any occasion? If you are looking to celebrate a birth anniversary and wanting to design on your own, you have to pay attention to its specifications (length and breadth).

Further, there are other elements like age, birth year, occasion, name, and hometown. This is a great option if you are celebrating Easter or Christmas as you can gift every person with a special bottle having their name. Isn’t it pride to the receiver to have their name in the Hennessy label?

4. Blank Hennessy label PNG

Blank Hennessy label

Most Hennessy fans prefer plain labels as these give more room for customization when compared to other models. The best part of this template is that you can use it in other places as well. For example, you can also bake a Hennessy-themed cake with the same label model. Likewise, you can print it on other stationery or folder and this will give a great look.

Tip – Do not forget to print this label on balloons and other decoration materials as well.

5. Creative Hennessy label PNG

As mentioned earlier, anything is possible with the Hennessy label and this template is one example. A better idea to use this label is to wrap around a bouquet and welcome a friend who is a Hennessy fan with a gift in the same theme. This template can also be customized with the specification in the previous section.

Then, you are good to go with a customized gift for your special one.

Frequently asked questions

1. What size is Hennessy’s label?

As a newbie to using labels on varied items, you need to know the exact size so you can print accordingly. The usual size of the label is 1.1×1.3 inches. Being a sticker, it is also important to customize multiple labels into one page. For instance, you can print about 28 labels of 1.1×1.3 inches each.

2. What is the font-face of Hennessy?

Unlike the usual fonts that we use for labels and other stationery materials, Hennessy follows the font face of NR2653. If your system does not have this font, you may have to download it and then use it.

Always go that extra leap to give the real feel of Hennessy to your kith and kin. A mild change in the font face can affect the outcome and also make it look like a duplicate one, especially if you are sticking on a bottle.

3. What is the correct Hennessy logo?

Having seen a range of logos with the same name as Hennessy, it can be extra confusing to find out which one to insert in the label you have chosen.

The exact logo of Hennessy is a black gauntlet carrying a bird. Beneath the emblem is a border comprising several flowers in metal colors. If it is a peach background, the border is in the color of mustard. However, if it is a black background, the perfect color is metallic gold. This can give an extraordinary look to the label and contrast with the color that is already present inside.

4. How can you distinguish between real and fake Hennessy labels?

While you can easily replicate the label design with the editable template, you cannot do the same with the bottle. For example, the original bottle will have a thin red line around its neck. The color thickness is the biggest variation between original and fake bottles. Often, those fake bottles can contain a thick red line around the neck while the real ones will have an unpredictable thickness range.

5. How to create a Hennessy label?

You need to gain access to basic properties associated with creating the label such as logo, size, color, and content. The next step is to use the dimension as in one of the templates listed above. Once you measure and create the border, you are good to fill the text in the blank space amidst borders.


A Hennessy label is extremely simple to create and use. All that you need to do is to take an extra effort to give the same feel on the label and stick the same to the relevant gift item. Several templates have been listed in this post to include Hennessy labels on bottles, cakes, bouquets, and more.

You can wear the creative hat and start using these labels for special occasions in your life! Pay all the attention to basic outlook and you are likely to get that perfect look that the brand deserves. Also, before you go – check out these Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

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