13+ Blank Check Template FILLABLE [Word PDF DOC]

While we are transitioning to the digital world, checks have not lost their charm. They are still needed to carry ahead with your bank operations, and recordkeeping of transactions. If you are a beginner or a firm wanting to customize checks for your purpose, you should go with blank check templates.

This post is exclusively for those of you wanting to use blank check template for varied reasons (be it for your office or personal or to teach kids).

Editable Blank Check Templates

1. Bank’s Blank check template PDF

Blank Check Template Bank

This is probably one of the best blank check template to use if you would like to get the experience of feeling a real check. A check, basically, includes a unique identifier code at the footer area and this code helps in tracking the progress or status of the transaction.

From payee name to amount to signature, you can include the same template to fill all these details.

2. Traditional check PDF

Traditional blank check template

A legally approved, traditional format of a check is the one that you can see above. On the header part, it includes the logo of the bank and beneath this part, you can find other information such as the amount to be paid, signatures, and check number.

In general, checks avoid catchy fonts, images, and icons. Instead, this format follows a typical check that has been used for decades and also deposited in banks.

If you are looking for an authorized one, customize these blank check templates and go for it just like you would in a high school diploma template.

3. Official blank check PDF

Official blank check template PDF

Another example of a blank check is the one you can see here. It includes a combination of four different models that contain minimal colors, similar font styles, and overall check structures. If you are looking to use the check for the purpose of practice, this is sufficient. For professional use, the ideal way is to print the detail of the bank or company on the header part, and you are done.

A check is ready for you to use immediately. Remember to customize this document to other formats so it remains printable and easily modifiable.

4. Kids blank check PDF

blank check template for kids

One of the best habits to cultivate in your kid is to gain knowledge on using various financial documents. Before turning into an adult, every child needs to know basic financial terms, filling forms, and checks.

Perhaps, you cannot give the original bank check to your kid as it can affect your confidentiality. Printing blank check templates like the one in the template will give a chance for the kid to correct as and when mistakes are made. As they open an account, they become knowledgeable about filling checks. Start teaching your kids today!

5. Request for check PDF


As much as you teach your kids to fill in a blank check, you should also teach them to fill a form meant to request a blank check template. This is all about numbers and critical letters that are unique to the account.

While they practice, they also become adept at various financial procedures. This request for check can also be used within organizations to issue checks to employees or other vendors.

6. Purchase authorization and check request PDF

Purchase authorization

When talking about a check template, it does not only mean filling it but also includes formats used by businesses to authorize a transaction and request a check from the customer. It is a process used when the customer makes a transaction and gives a written acknowledgment to use the check and get the payment from it.

Note If you are using this format, remember to include a disclaimer or terms and conditions in the footer area. This helps in clearing chaos between you and the customer at a later stage. It also presents a guarantee of payment to you.

7. Yellow check template PDF

fancy blank check template

Here is a check template with a yellow grand background to make it look royal. Similar to every other blank check template, it includes placeholders for your name, recipient name, amount, and account number. This can be used for practice purposes or to issue to someone else internally.

However, if the plan is to use for an official purpose, you may need more elements in it which you can find from other templates in this post.

8. Writing check DOC

New to writing checks? Looking for a blank check along with an instruction manual that guides you step by step? This is a wonderful resource that you can start using. Being a Word bank check template document, it also gives users the privilege to make changes and customize the document as per their preferences.

The best part about this template is that – if you are a teacher or a parent having many kids, this document can be used to teach children to fill checks and also know other intricacies of the same. There are multiple examples enclosed in the same document.

9. Sample deposit slip DOC

What happens after you fill the printable blank check? You may have to go to the bank to deposit the same and get the money in cash or in their respective accounts.

This document includes a blank check and also provides a guide to depositing the check in the bank. What is even special about this document is that it has a sample deposit slip along with guidelines so you can fill it in a go.

10. Blank Personal check DOC

multiple blank check template

All of us love to use personal checks but do not know the exact way to get access to them. The aforementioned template makes it possible. Simply download the editable version of the check and print multiple copies. Your blank checks checkbook is ready.

When you use templates, remember not to change the alignment unless and until mandatory. Changing the alignment can change the overall template format and create a shabby look which can consume more time to amend.

11. Blank Check writing template DOC Word

blank check templates word pdf

The reason to use our free blank check templates is the credibility associated with each one of them. When you want to print and practice filling blank checks, you need to use something that is authorized and has been followed by many others.

The check-writing template given above is already a part of the high school financial planning program. This is used as an activity in high school and this implies that this activity can be followed by kids at your home as well. Alternatively, this can be used for senior citizens to teach financial education.

12. Blank Directional check template DOC

blank check templates

Have you ever had the question like – who should pay whom in a check? How to find out the account number of the payee? What does the code at the footer mean? All details related to a check are included in this document. Being an instructional one, it helps you to fill part by part and also know the difference between them.

Let’s say there are routing numbers and account numbers in the same check template. When noting down transactions in the check register, it is natural to get confused between them. This instructional check template gives an understanding of this aspect. Should you be new to the concept of filling free blank check templates, begin with instructional templates and then switch to actual, legal blank checks formats.

13. Blank check with exercises DOC

Similar to a few other templates listed on the top of the post, this is yet another instructional check template being used by the department of education in Minnesota.

This type of literacy exercise with a credible format helps a person to go a long way in mastering financial concepts and using instruments appropriately.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I make a blank check?

The easiest way is to use one of the fillable blank check templates listed in this post and make changes. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to make one on your own.

  • On the upper left of your blank checks is your name along with your address (This is usually printed by the bank.)
  • Give placeholders for the date, payee name, amount in words and numbers, and signatures.
  • Include account and routing numbers in the footer.
  • Make a note of keywords commonly used in checks like “pay to the order of”. When you change or miss these minute elements, the check loses its originality.
  • Ensure that the entire check format is in landscape mode.

That’s it. Your fillable blank check is ready to download and use for personal and professional reasons.

A blank check template free can also be made using applications like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The biggest advantage is that some of these applications have templates that can be downloaded and customized based on the need.

2. Can I print my own blank checks?

It is acceptable to print checks you need with any printer. However, the usage of the check matters. If you are using it for legal reasons or in the bank, it may not be permitted and can also be counted as an illegal method. Blank checks should never be used as a fake method to obtain money.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you print your own blank checks.

  • Font style should be conventional and not modern.
  • Go with the black-colored font for your blank checks.
  • Always go with warm backgrounds that create the perfect outlook. Commonly, you can find blue and green in the background.
  • Append the logo of the bank on the upper right or left corner based upon the bank of your choice.
  • It is better to write the amount in capital letters since these achieve better clarity.

3. How to void a check?

While there are check printing template applications to issue a check to you, you can also use the bill issued by the bank to make a payment to yourself.  Alternatively, you may have to void a check when you have filled in it mistakenly and wanted to ensure that it does not land up in any other issue.

4. What are the steps for writing a check?

In writing a check, there are a few steps that you should follow to avoid any mistakes at the end.

  • Date – This is probably the first thing that you should fill in the check. It has to be current as the check has validity and expires in 2-3 months.
  • Payee name – This is the section where you should write down the name of the recipient. Ensure that it does not have spelling mistakes. Further, never issue a blank check template containing no name.
  • Amount – You need to write the amount in words and numbers as well. This has to be legible and match each other.

As you write a check, you should also be aware of potential mistakes.

  • The signature does not match with the bank record.
  • Make note of the type of check. There are different types including blank business check or vendor checks, donation checks, bank deposit checks, and dollar checks.
  • Legibility in the check is critical as it can eliminate double work and unnecessary confusion.
  • The text should not be added above the header or the footer.
  • At any instance, a dummy check template that you have created for the sake of practice should not be issued to the bank.
  • Do not fold checks.


Writing a check is one of the key aspects of a person’s financial education. It is always a good idea to start with a fillable blank check by creating one on your own or using one of the templates listed in the post. Once you get better, you can go ahead with original checks issued by the bank. This will ensure a proper understanding of concepts.

If you are using checks to teach your kids or someone at home, go with a mix of self-made checks and templates as they can get used to different formats and not forget the actual methodology behind the check.

To a better financial journey, cheers from LaFund!

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