13+ Credit Card Authorization Form Template [Word, PDF]

Do you own a credit card? If you do and use it regularly, you must have come across a credit card authorization form. For the uninitiated, merchants use that form to serve as proof of transactions involving credit cards.

Now, credit card authorization forms are quite crucial for merchants and other people who might need them. But they aren’t that easy to draft. That’s why most people prefer to use credit card authorization form templates.

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

1. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

At the heart of the credit card authorization form is correct cardholder information and the person’s signature. Without those details, it would be useless. The other important content of the credit card form is the credit card number.

This form contains all those details and is as easy to read as filling in the details.

2. Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Authorization forms have to specify what organization the person is giving authorization to. You can edit this template and have it reflect your company’s name, including adding in any other information you think would be appropriate.

3. Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Blank Credit Card Authorization Form

This is a general authorization template that anyone can use. Because it doesn’t have a specific company name, the customer or the seller can use it. Its brevity and clarity of important features delighted us.

The authorization template being the important document it is, it must contain only the most necessary information.

4. ACH Payment Authorization Form Template

ACH Payment Authorization

Credit card authorization forms are excellent if a person will purchase from a specific seller repeatedly. They will be making what we call recurring payments. For that, you only need one form.

Since there is no need for you always to sign a form each time you purchase with your credit card. That’s precisely why this form template would come in handy.

5. Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form

Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form

Do you work in the hotel industry and consistently meet clients who want their bills charged on their credit cards? Here is the perfect credit card authorization form. The form can also work if you are a traveler that prefers to pay via credit card.

It includes information specific to hoteliers and will thus not be ideal for any other business venture.

6. Employee Form Template

Employees traveling on behalf of a business are usually given credit cards to charge any expenses they incur. If you are an employer that offers such a method of expense payment, then this form is perfect for you.

It has the basic information required on any credit card authorization form and mitigates the risk of the employee misusing company funds. To further ensure that the document lists the allowed uses of the card to avoid the employee using it on any other expenses.

7. Recurring Form

recurring credit card authorization forms


We have already seen that credit card authorization forms are required each time a customer wants to purchase something with their card. What makes them the best bet, however, is when you are making recurrent purchases.

Recurrent purchases might be something like a subscription-based service. If that’s what you are purchasing, then you would need a recurrent form. The form explicitly mentions the amount of money to be charged and the frequency of the charges.

It also includes information that you will get a notification each time the payment is due to be charged to your card.

8. One Time Authorization Document

There are certain places a person can visit and need to purchase something. But there are chances that they wouldn’t ever be returning to such a place again. That’s when the onetime authorization document comes in.

It is the ideal form if you offer services to onetime clients. Unlike the recurring payment authorization forms, this only allows one payment from a person’s credit card.

9. Airline Credit Card Form

Airplanes and the internet have made the world a global village. You can wake up in one city, eat lunch in another, then sleep in another country thanks to airplanes. Among the many ways, you can pay for an air ticket is with a credit card.

If you tend to travel via plane a lot, then you will meet this form. It gives a specific airline the authority to charge your flight expenses onto your card. Convenient.

10. Car Rental Template

Car rental services are some of the most sought-after car services. But what if a client wants to pay with their credit card? In that case, they will need to give their authorization before you can charge any amount on their card.

This car rental authorization document should be what comes to mind when you think of a form. It is simple and includes certain information related to the car rental agreement and the clients’ details.

11. Travel Card Form

travel authorization

The use of credit cards has permeated all industries. It is now a common sight to see credit cards used to pay for virtually anything. Travel agencies haven’t been left behind, as you can see with this template.

If you run a travel agency and need a form for your clients paying with credit cards, this is your template. Once you download it, you won’t need to change many things since it has all a form needs.

12. Payment

Another form of recurring payments. This one features a brief explanation of how the recurrent payment features. It is worth noting that it explicitly mentions everything to ensure you know when payments are made from your credit card.

The form also ensures you aren’t charged for any increases in the charges that you aren’t aware of.

13. Payment Authorization Document

This form contains all the basics of any other form. Apart from the contact details, it features the card holder’s permissions to charge them for each purchase.

You can always edit it after downloading if you think there are things you need to add.

14. Simple Form

A credit card authorization form doesn’t need to be that complicated. As you can see with this one, the basics are enough to have a form. You, however, need to ensure you have included all the information that the bank account will require.

A place for the card holder to sign of on the payments charged on their card is compulsory.

15. Authorization Template

Closing off our list is yet another simple authorization for card transactions. It is easy to fill and doesn’t contain any unnecessary information. Download it and use it to get approval for card transactions for your business.

How Important is a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Since the revolution of the financial landscape several years back, paperless cash has gained colossal traction worldwide. One of the ways paperless money is used is with credit cards.

Credit cards are more convenient, easy to use, and carry. But with credit cards come several issues such as when to use them and how. That’s where credit card authorization forms come in.

For all the effectiveness, credit cards are usually one of the most targeted avenues for fraud. How many times have you heard of someone arrested for card fraud?

Therefore, a credit card authorization form helps mitigate that risk. A merchant business or other business needs to have the form filled by the cardholder to request a bank to release funds t them via a credit card.

Authorization forms also make payment faster and less stressful. They are a great way to pay for subscription-based services on the net as long as you can trust the seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are credit card authorization forms legally binding documents?

A credit card isn’t a legally binding document. It only notifies a bank that you have authorized a specific place/business to charge your card for any purchases you make.

2. What information is typically found on a credit card authorization form?

A credit card authorization form contains the below information:

  • Credit card number, expiration date
  • The card holder’s information (name, contact, and billing address)
  • Merchant business information
  • Date
  • Card holder’s signature/ Customer signs
  • Merchants signature
  • Billing address and billing information
  • Authorization from the card holder to the merchant to charge payments to their credit card

3. Why is the CVV not included on the credit card authorization form?

For a business, including the CVV and expiration date is a direct violation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard regulations. That’s why there isn’t any slot for the CVV on the card form. Any business/seller who needs this has to directly ask the cardholder to fill it in whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of customer’s credit card authorization form templates. If you can’t come up with yours, download the ones we have listed and use them. You can edit them and add information that is specific to you.

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